Japan – The beginning

Japan – The beginning

This is the first post of many that it will takes to tell you the most amazing experience of my life.

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved Japan and it´s culture. I have hated english all my life, reason why my mother was always mad at me. But, I swore that when I finished my English studies, I would study Japanese, so I did. I studied Japanese for 3 years dreaming of going to Japan one day. The day I bought the tickets for Tokyo is a day I will never forget. I went with my father on October 10, 2014, very close to my birthday! The best gift I´ve ever made to myself.

Traveling made me stronger and more capable

I love to travel, as you will discover throughout my publications. In addition to getting to know different cultures and people, I like the feeling of independence, the fact that everything depends on me and the person who accompanies me, if there is one. That is something that moves me to travel more and that fascinated me from the beginning.

Another thing that I like is the trip planning, I plan absolutely everything, not timed, but I make a trip plan with places that I would like to see ordered by day, area and with data about opening and closing times. This is very useful since many times we don´t have the Internet to search for schedules or addresses, and even less do we want to waste time going to a place that may be closed, so planning is essential.

But on this trip I was not alone, I went with my sister Florencia. I decided to go with her as a “gift for life”, we both know that we have not always gotten along very well, however, she is my sister, I love her so much and this trip is something that the two of us will always remember, no matter what happens.

Our journey started on April 4, 2014! A 36 hour trip with many anecdotes to tell, I wait for you in the next post!

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