Japan – The flight and anecdotes

Japan – The flight and anecdotes

Something always happens when you take a flight, here is our story (if you missed the first part of the trip read it here).

On April 4, 2014 we took the first plane that would take us to our desired destination, we made two stops, a total of 36 hours. It is also worth noting that the time in Japan is 12 hours ahead of the one we have in Uruguay, basically we travel to the future, it is the only way I know of time travel right now.

We boarded the first plane and arrived at our first stop, Miami, as the hoodie my sister is wearing shows, which we urgently had to buy since we were freezing. We had to wait a long time to get on the next plane (5 hours), so we walked around the airport in peace after we found our gate.

So far everything was going perfectly, the problem was that the flight Miami-Los Angeles was delayed, and the waiting time for the flight Los Angeles-Tokyo was only 1 hour 20 minutes. Finally we went to Los Angeles, I was nervous the whole flight because I thought that we were not going to make it to the next one. I asked the stewardess if we should lift the suitcases, but luckily no, there was hope!
As soon as we arrived I got up from the seat and started screaming.

“Excuse me, I miss my flight!”

Fortunately, people made their way and we were able to run out of the plane. We had 40 minutes to descend, find the gate and get to the next plane, considering the size of the airport that was somewhat complicated. Unfortunately for me, the gate was “K”, they called us on the speakers, but I coludn´t understand if they said “J” or “K”, in English it sounds similar to me.

At this point I had already lost track of my sister, but I knew she had followed me, so I kept running without looking back until I found a security guard who showed me the way and said “Hurry!”. Damn, on the speakers I heard the phrase of terror:

“This is the last call…..”

Finally, after running like never before in life and clearly driven by adrenaline, I reached the gate. I looked back, my sister was running towards me, we got on the plane and they closed the door behind us. My sister´s face says it all.

Already calm in the seat of the plane knowing that we were going to be able to reach our destination, I reasoned the madness that had just occurred and calmed down listening to conversations in Japanese.

See you in the next chapter of this journey!

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