Photographic challenges – Café Doré

Photographic challenges – Café Doré

In this post I tell you what to do in low light situations, Café Doré (@cafe_dore) it´s a perfect example. The first time I went to take photos there I didn´t even have a flash, it was me, my camera and my 50mm lens.

Café Doré is a small coffee shop, which I love because it has an unique atmosphere that represents it, but photographically it is a disadvantage. Here in Uruguay, gastronomic photos are almost always taken “on site” (you can read about photography “on site” here), while it is open to the public.

Many times I used my softbox, but it is not possible to assemble it while the cafe is open, so, with more confidence, Pablo (the owner) holds the softbox head and acts as an illuminator. In places where there is little light, we should look for some natural light and manage to take photos from different angles or various compositions to generate as many photos as possible. If this is not possible, I try to use the flash bouncing off a white wall or, as I mentioned before, I use a softbox. Personally, I like using natural light much more, but it is true that sometimes it is not possible. Below I leave you photos made with natural and artificial light at Café Doré, so you can see the difference.



Without a doubt Café Doré has made me grown as a photographer, they make me excercise my creativity, all the photos are different but the products are almost always the same, coffee and something delicious that goes with it.

As a final reflection, do not wait until you have all the equipment to start taking photos, just go and do it, and finally, the most important thing.

The most useful tool is creativity

See you in the next post!

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