Quinoa Pizza – Recipe and Photography

Quinoa Pizza – Recipe and Photography

Today, in this new post, I will show you the recipe and styling for this quinoa pizza. It is very easy to make and one of its advantages is that it doesn´t contain gluten.

Cooking is time consuming, period.

Many times I have been frustrated because the food does not go well or because I do something quick to get out of trouble, but it puts me in a bad mood. Eating well is something that comforts, I like the process of cooking and being able to surprise people with what I did. Cooking is similar to Chemistry in many ways, maybe that is why I like it hahaha.

Quinoa pizza composition
Qinoa pizza composition

I´m studying gastronomic photography, in this photo I wanted to apply the rule of thirds to compose, I show you the diagram so that you can see it better. In the spaces that remain between the intersections of the lines, I placed elements that help the composition and give information about the product without taking center stage.

I´m not a chef or a food stylist, I just like the art that is in the food, on the plate, and thinking about the photo to convey a sensation. Something I always do is check what I have in the kitchen before I run to buy food. You can do many things with what you already have at home, it is a way to save money too. This is how I checked at home and realized that I had quinoa and didn´t want to use it on a salad, so looking around a bit, I came up with the quinoa recipe that I´m going to explain now!

The ingredients I used were the ones I had at the time, you can add whatever you want.


-3/4 cup quinoa
-2 1/4 cup water
-Basil (as much as you like, 4-5 leaves are ok)
-2 garlic cloves
-200g mozzarella
-100 ml (cm3) tomato sauce
-1/2 onion
-1 teaspoon salt


1- Place the quinoa in a bowl and pour 2 cups of boiling water. Let it soak 30 minutes.
2- Prepare the sauce, sauté the onion until it is transparent along with the salt. Add tomato sauce and bring to boil.
3- Wash the quinoa at least twice with water.
4- Process the quinoa with the garlic, basil, pepper, oregano, and 1/4 cup of cold water.
5- Heat a non-stick frying pan (or put oil if it is not), place half of the mixture prepared before, and spread it with a spoon until it forms a circle.
6- Cook 4-5 minutes and turn.
7- Add the tomato sauce and the mozzarella.
8- Cook 4-5 minutes more.

That’s all! The pizza is ready!
The pizza can end here or you can add olives, fried eggs or whatever you want.

Enjoy! see you in the next post!

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